YS Intentions 2019

Every day, and especially this time of year, our intention at Yoga Sanctuary is to create a strong, compassionate community of yogis who inspire each other and support each other. We intend to show up in our daily lives in alignment with our truest values and learn to be strong, open, playful, and curious both on and off the mat. More than ever we recognize the need to be grounded in the growth inspired by our yoga practice -  as we are inspired by each and every one of you!

Below are just a few of the intentions shared by students during our January Challenge last month. Be inspired, and let the intentions of our community carry you through this wild winter 2019!

  • Be Here Now

  • Conviction

  • Kinder, gentler, more loving world

  • To stay curious, especially in re-learning how to have close relationships (and with myself!)

  • Listen more, talk less

  • Laughter, abundance, financial freedom, great success, radiant health

  • Balance

  • Protect our mother Earth

  • Love, health, & organization. Yea baby!

  • Never again

  • Keep showing up --

  • To find myself and embrace her

  • I intend to create more love, true friends, abundance, and inspiration in 2019.

  • Listen to my body

  • Love every moment

  • Healing is possible!

  • Compassion for all beings

  • To transmit Awesome to everyone and everything!

  • Listen to my intuitions - and TRUST them

  • Love always

With warmth,

Sara and the Yoga Sanctuary team

Yoga Sanctuary