Love Your Practice! New Mat Rental & Storage Coming Soon

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Dear Yogis, 

At YS, we want you to LOVE your practice, from your head to your toes, your heart to your soul.

We surveyed you about YS, and we heard you! We heard that our provided yoga mats are old, smelly, and falling apart. We agree!!

Truth is, we've been thinking about making a change to our mat usage for a long time. Many students from other cities come to YS asking if we have mats for rent. Mat rentals are a common way studios offer better quality mats and are able to replace them when needed - but for a long time (20 years!!) we've wanted to avoid charging the extra fee. Which means our mats are waaay too old!

You deserve to have a beautiful, sturdy, grippy mat beneath you that provides the healthy foundation to your yoga practice. YS needs to be able to sustain healthy prop replacement as our mats experience extensive daily wear and tear. Jen (YS Manager) was recently at a studio where they offered mat rentals and she got inspired by what nice mats the studio was able to provide due to the rental program. So we did some research, and found that Manduka, who sells some of the best quality mats around, offers Studio Gear to yoga studios for rentals. 

We are excited to announce our new mat rental program! We have purchased 20 gorgeous Manduka practice mats and they will be available for rent starting Monday Feb. 18! We're confident you'll LOVE the difference.

Mat rentals:

  • FREE to yogis on the Intro Offer or first time to YS

  • $2/rental everyone else *if this is a financial barrier for anyone, talk with us! *

  • MEMBERS ONLY: $5/Month Auto-Renew for unlimited mat use

see the neatly rolled rental mats behind the desk? coming soon!

see the neatly rolled rental mats behind the desk? coming soon!

As excited as we are about the rental mats, we encourage you to eventually purchase your own mat, especially if you practice often. A personal mat can be part of how we cultivate sacred space. It holds the imprint of all that we experience in our practice. You can bring it with you wherever you might travel or practice. We want you to love your mat! In this spirit, if you don't have your own we are offering a Valentine's Special of 20% off, and we'd be honored if you purchased your mat from YS.

We have also been listening to you about requests for Mat Storage at the studio. Providing rental mats (stored behind the front desk) means we have room for YOUR MAT! 


Many studios charge for Mat Storage, but we want to give free mat storage a try. All yoga mats will need a mat bag or carrier, and you'll get a tag from the front desk so personal yoga mats don't get mixed up.

Supporting our community means caring for our space together.

  • Please help us by keeping the new mat storage area neat and tidy - and enjoy giving your mat a new home at YS!

  • If you rent a mat, be sure to clean it, roll it up, and hand it back to the front desk (a new habit!) on your way out.

Thank you for making YS your yoga home. We hope that together we can embrace change that benefits our community and helps us to love our practice!

With love and gratitude, 

Sara, Jen, and the Yoga Sanctuary Team

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