My beloved Yoga Sanctuary community,

Change is the one constant in our lives; but how do we really feel about change?

Sometimes change is exciting and exhilarating; but the shadow side is that it can be scary. We all long for safety and security as much as we long for expansion and growth (a least we yogis always look for growth!) and sometimes, we play it small in order to feel safe.

Author and life coach Martha Beck says “we don’t get cracked open by small steps, which is why mostly it is good to take small steps. But at some point, either we’re going to have a small life, or we’re going to have to crack open…”

As a yogi I have always been committed to my own growth as well as to supporting the healing and growth of those I am fortunate to teach and know at Yoga Sanctuary. Healing often means stabilizing, leaning in, and slowing down in order to allow the possibility of mending whether it be in body or heart.

Growth requires being stable first, so that we have the stamina, fortitude, and enough faith to take new leaps and find new ground in our lives. Yoga offers such a beautiful opportunity to balance these two energies; inward attention and stillness, and outward movement and growth. We practice this in every yoga pose, and hopefully we practice it in all that we do in daily life.

Balance doesn’t mean we’ve finished or come to a place of perfection but that to the best of our ability we are listening inwardly, and acting outwardly, in accordance with our values and visions of the life we want to live. It isn’t about tying every moment up with a nice neat bow, but about having the courage to embrace the paradoxes and messiness of life on the way to fulfilling our deepest dreams. Change can be positive and beneficial but it will always be disruptive and require courage. And it means we need lots of deep breaths! So I’m talking one right now (-:

I have a very exciting change I am ready to make in my life, and it is going to benefit all of us! It will surely crack me open to new places of fear, growth and wonder and I know it is time.

This January 2019 marks Yoga Sanctuary’s 20th anniversary (!!). And now, after 20 years of owning and directing Yoga Sanctuary, I am ready to pass the torch of ownership. I am looking for a new leader, and Yoga Sanctuary is for sale.

I am grateful beyond words to our students for supporting me, the studio and our YS community for so long. I am humbled by the passing of time, and the gift of your receptivity as I’ve poured my love, commitment and creativity into our community and this business! Witnessing the joyful relationships, growth and healing that our students experience through yoga at YS has been deeply fulfilling.

Now it is time for me to embrace some new dreams, while honoring my desire to continue to teach yoga and to support the transition to a new owner. I hope to stay involved with Yoga Teacher Trainings and my Step Into Your Greatness Series, and to teach private lessons, while pursuing writing and other new directions (and doing less admin work!). Life is very full with my dear daughters and my wonderful husband, and suddenly it feels like my girls are growing up so fast! I am ready to have more balance between family life and work, and to fulfill some new professional and creative directions and dreams.

This means that the door is open for someone else’s dream of owning a beautiful, already successful yoga studio to come true!! I can’t wait to meet that special person.

Yoga Sanctuary is in an ideal place now for a new owner to walk in to a stable, beautiful, streamlined and efficient business, and to bring fresh vision and support to our wonderful community.

Until I find that new right person to pass the torch of leadership and ownership to, it will be business as usual here at YS. You can expect the same stable experience, welcoming environment and high-quality teaching you know and appreciate.

I welcome you to join my vision of the new owner as someone who is passionate about yoga, a steadfast light, a smart and savvy business person and a big-hearted creative visionary who will sustain all that is good about YS while growing it to be even better!

If reading this stirs your heart with excitement, or makes you think of someone who should know about this opportunity, please email me:

Meanwhile, thank you for being part of our kind and wonderful community of yogis, and keep practicing!

And Happy New Year!

With love and gratitude,



Yoga Sanctuary