Yoga Story: Jess Dods

Ten years ago, my wife Pamela was a student at Smith College, in their program for non-traditionally aged students. I was a 59 year old man, a self employed career coach, as I still am. Pamela  asked me one day if I would like to attend an on-campus yoga class. I said yes, without knowing why as I look back on it. The class was taught, as I recall, by the wonderful Amy Reed, who was also a Smith student. There I was, the only male in a room full of women with great flexibility...

Yoga Story: Ann Vanderburgh

It was a dark period of my life. My 86 year old dad was dying after a long, slow descent into dementia. My 85 year old mom had passed away a year and a half before. Our house, in which they had lived with us for ten years, was filled from basement to attic with my dad’s gargantuan collection of accumulated belongings; his legacy of life as a unrestrained pack rat. My husband and I were exhausted from the challenges of the endings of my parents’ lives...

Yoga Sanctuary
Stronger Together

Dear Yogis,

This has been a tough week. There have been many tears shed in some of our classes along with a beautiful coming together to offer support and connection to one another. I can’t think of a better way to be with our collective pain and fear than to practice together, be fully embodied, be authentic, and inspire one another to be courageous and strong...

Yoga Sanctuary
Our Story

Have you ever heard how Yoga Sanctuary came to be?

There were many twists and turns, like any good story. And there were many struggles, such as accompany and often inspire any worthy dream.

Yoga Sanctuary