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At Yoga Sanctuary, we are a community of warriors. Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for many years, you have made the commitment to yourself to grow, thrive and transform through your practice.

Our memberships support your practice with the number of classes that works for you. 


Warrior Memberships

Warrior III: Unlimited Monthly: $108

1 month: Unlimited Classes ($12/class @ 9 classes/month or 2-3 classes/week)

Warrior III Student/Senior: $89/month with valid ID, please sign up in studio

Warrior II: Limited Monthly: $65

1 Month: 5 Classes ($13/class)

Warrior I: Limited 2 Months: $80

2 Months: 5 Classes ($16/class)

All Warrior Memberships: Auto-Renewing. Cancel Anytime Online. Member Rate on Workshops and Discounts on Boutique. $5 Monthly Mat Rental (Auto-Renewing).


Kula memberships

Become a Kula Member and support our whole kula - Sanskrit for community, collective, gathering of energy and life. Kula Members get the same benefits as Warrior III Unlimited Monthly members, and any amount over the Warrior III membership rate ($108) will go to the YS Scholarship Fund, to support our students and yoga teacher trainees who cannot otherwise access yoga.


Lunar Memberships

FULL MOON: 12 Months: $1000

($83/month, $9/class @ 9 classes/month or 2-3 classes/week)

This is our BEST DEAL for regular students!

Half Moon:6 Months: $600

($100/month, $11/class @ 9 classes/month or 2-3 classes/week)

All Lunar Memberships: Pay Upfront. Non-Refundable. Member Rate on Workshops and Discounts on Boutique. Mat Rental Included.


Class Cards

Single Class: $20

(expires after 30 days)

1 HOUR Class: $18

(only for 1 hour classes; expires after 30 days)

Student Single Class: $17

(please show ID when you come for class, expires after 30 days)

10 Class Card: $165

($16.50/class; expires after 3 months)

4 class card: $70

($17.50/class; expires after 2 months)

*Great for visitors!*

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