New to Yoga? 

Sometimes taking the first step towards a yoga class - or coming to a new studio - takes the most courage. We are here to welcome you as you are, and support you to tailor your practice so that it is just right for you. Many people believe they must already be flexible to join a yoga class. Not true! All you need is the desire and openness to learn. Our experienced instructors range in age from their 20's to their 70's, and our students have ranged from toddlers to those in their 80's. Our classes also vary from gentle and slow to strong and athletic and in-between. Yoga is truly for everyone!

At Yoga Sanctuary we will help you find the class that is just right for you, where you will be supported to go at your own pace.

Classes for Beginners

You are welcome to join our Level I and Restorative classes right away.

Level I: In this more challenging beginner class, you will learn healthy alignment principles and simple breathing techniques while practicing a wider range of poses. If you would like to begin before the next Intro to Yoga Series, or have some prior movement experience, this may be right for you.

Restorative: If you have some physical limitations and/or are craving more time for mindful rest and relaxation, give this a try. Supported poses encourage stillness in the body, a peaceful, meditative state, and the deep release of tension and stress. While restorative yoga is not a physically challenging work out, it is definitely a “work in”.

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Intro to Yoga Mini Series

Brand new to yoga? Never practiced yoga before? Wondering whether yoga is for you? Start here!

In this four week series, you will learn the foundations of the practice at a slow and gentle pace, each class building on the last. Each session will include a variety of poses, healthy alignment principles, instruction in breathwork and meditation—all in an environment that supports the beginning student.

If you want to get a jump start on your new yoga practice, check out our 2-hour workshop on January 13, Yoga From the Ground Up!

4 Week Series: $60

Intro Offer Deal: 4 Week Series + 30 days Unlimited Yoga: $80

Full Intro Package: 4 Week Series + 30 days Unlimited Yoga + Yoga from the Ground Up! Workshop: save 10%

Sign up for the series online or

Call the studio (413.585.YOGA) to sign up for the Intro Offer Deal or Full Intro Package!

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Yoga from the Ground Up! Workshop

Curious about yoga? Does yoga seem unfamiliar or hard to understand? Concerned about feeling too stiff or physically limited to join a yoga class? This is the workshop for you! Join us as we explore the elements of a yoga class in a lighthearted and nurturing environment that honors the beginning student.

The workshop will include:

*what to wear and what to bring;

*where to sit;

*getting to know the general format of a yoga class;

*an introduction to basic yoga poses and the use of props;

*the purposes of meditation and chanting;

*and how to continue your yoga journey.

Let’s begin together! Here is your opportunity to see if yoga is for you—and to have fun in the process!

After this workshop, we invite you to continue exploring your brand new yoga practice with our 4-week Intro to Yoga Mini Series beginning Jan 20.

$45 Non-members

$40 Students/Seniors

$40 Members


Full Intro Package: 4 Week Series + 30 days Unlimited Yoga + Yoga from the Ground Up! Workshop: save 10%

Sign up for the workshop online or

Call the studio (413.585.YOGA) to sign up for the Full Intro Package!