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Chakra Yoga Workshop

with Ellie Cook


WE COME ROUND RIGHT...” a Shaker song

Life - prana - the energy of the universe moves through you. Lines of energy meet and spin along the central channel of you. Chakra yoga is a way to consciously connect with those energy centers and use them to find more balance and comfort in our daily lives.
With sound and color, mudra and mantra, asana and meditation, we’ll explore how life force flows through us, and how to connect with and balance prana as it spins the wheels of our lives.

all levels welcome


$40 ys members/students/seniors 

pre-register online or by phone


About Ellie: 

Practicing since the 1970s with her husband, Ellie has taught yoga since 2000. An editor and writer by trade, she heard the call of yoga ever more powerfully when she found the Tantric practice taught at Yoga Sanctuary. That call—how to live more authentically and beautifully through yoga—is what she seeks to offer her students. In her classes, inspiring stories and alignment cues will ignite all aspects of your yoga practice, no matter what level. Ellie taught at The Yoga Studio in Haydenville and still teaches at Northampton Athletic Club. She honors her many teachers, especially Sara Rose Page and others originally from the Anusara school who inspired her to achieve Anusara-inspired status (though she is no longer affiliated with the school). Ellie is a registered E-RYT (1,000 hours plus) with Yoga Alliance. From her practice, family, community, and walking in the world, Ellie derives great joy and inspiration. The road goes ever on.