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Nurture the Teacher: A Day-Long Yoga Retreat

with Sara Rose Page and Lisa Leizman

Saturday November 3rd, 10am - 6pm (1 hour lunch break)

Reconnect with your love of yoga and your purpose as a teacher. As teachers, we give of ourselves fully, so we need time to rejuvenate and re-align ourselves just as much as our students do. Whether you are a seasoned teacher or a newer instructor, this retreat is designed to envelop you in support, inspire your personal practice in both strong and restful ways, and to re-ignite your vision as a leader.

The retreat day includes:

  • 2 yoga classes with Sara and Lisa

Workshops & conversation on:

  • re-defining your vision as a teacher

  • developing daily self-care practices

  • how to craft powerful classes with themes that are close to your heart

You will leave more connected to yourself, your purpose, and to a wonderful community of teachers! You will also have a “back pocket” theme ready to teach, along with handouts and a 30 day practice to support continued self-care.

Teachers from all traditions are warmly welcome.


pre-register online or by phone


About Sara Rose: 

Sara fell in love with the beauty, gentleness, and true empowerment that yoga offered when she was 17, and soon after made the life-altering decision to leave college to pursue the path of yoga and healing that is still her passion today. A dedicated mama of 2 beautiful daughters, and the owner of Yoga Sanctuary since 1999, Sara brings a nurturing presence and fine-tuned sensitivity and compassion to all of her students. Yoga was a huge component in Sara’s recovery from a history of trauma and abuse and she knows first hand the powerful transformation that is possible for each one of us, no matter what our story is.  Mythic themes, empowering alignment and sequencing, a heart-felt intention and love of life guide her classes for brand new beginners to advanced yogis alike, inviting each and everyone to experience home within their own body, heart and soul.

About Lisa:

For Lisa, yoga is a field of study that engages all parts of being human: a warm and open invitation into a world of delightful and challenging physical possibilities, a rich philosophical history and a place of creative expression and innovation within an evolving tradition. Lisa did her Teacher Training with Sara Rose and has taught at Yoga Sanctuary since 2010. Whatever leads you to her classes, Lisa will be there to welcome you, just as you are.