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A Philosophy Weekend with Douglas Brooks

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A Philosophy Weekend with Douglas Brooks 

March 10-12, 2017 

What shall we do now?
A Practice for a New Conversation:
The Great Goddess of the Serpents, Mānasā Durga, and the Sarpa-Drshti

Events have brought us to a conversation that leads us further into the shadows of our human experience. We grieve and rage, we feel a vulnerability that compares only to our most personal and collective fears, and there is no promise that "everything will be okay." We need ways to find ourselves inside and out so that we can take the next steps to tell our stories and protect ourselves from those who would silence us. We are searching for our voices and this "difficult going" does not leave us helpless or alone. Our focus is a form of the Great Goddess named Manasa, the Mind Born One, who wears serpents in her hair and holds within her the empowerment of the shadow. We will learn a practice of the Manasa Durga, the Goddess of Difficult Going. The practice is called sarpa drishti, the "serpent's vision" which takes us deeply into our places where we feel most vulnerable but also most resourceful and empowered. We will open that to that place where we can focus our rage, reach more deeply into empathy and inclusion, and take seriously the very real changes and threats before us. We are not alone or helpless. Quite the contrary. We know this is real and we need all the resources we can muster. We will learn mantra, meditation, and teachings to take us deeper so that we can emerge breathing and moving forward.

Schedule and Pricing: 

Friday 6-8:30pm $50

Saturday 12 -4pm $80

Sunday 10:30-1pm $50

Full Weekend $185/$170 YS member  

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