"At Yoga Sanctuary, the link between mind, spirit, and body is celebrated deeply in our yoga practice. In every class, our teachers show us how to tap into the vast potential inside of us, which is part of and seamlessly connected to the larger universe, and the wisdom and mysteries that lie even beyond."

-Ann V.

I started practicing yoga regularly for the first time in my life two+ years ago at the Yoga Sanctuary and I am a more whole and healthy person as a result. I used to have lower back issues but with their focus on proper alignment and core strength I've become much stronger. All the instructors are uniquely wonderful, and what I particularly love is that in all this time I don't think there's been a class just like another. We're all together in a constant state of learning. And if you are just dropping in, you will be made to feel very welcome!

-Joanie D. 

"Five years ago when I retired, I joined Yoga Sanctuary and take classes there as often as my schedule allows, usually three or four mornings a week. Located on the third floor of Thornes, I can easily zip into the parking garage and climb up to the beautiful light filled space. Each instructor offers their own style and philosophy and I learn something unique from every one. What they all have in common is a focus on alignment, comfort and safety. If you haven’t realized this yet, I LOVE Yoga Sanctuary!"

- Sydney F.S.

Yoga Sanctuary is the best I've ever encountered, anywhere! I couldn't recommend it more highly for both the technicalities of yoga practice and the community/culture it nurtures. The teaching is top-notch. It has changed my life in a beautiful way!

-Joseph B.

"Yoga Sanctuary provides a marvelous community of students and teachers for people who want to learn about yoga, deepen their practice and expand their spirit. I am grateful for its existence as it is a place where I can challenge myself physically and emotionally as I learn to move my body in new and challenging ways. I value the relationships that I have formed there, even the ones that are confined just to the yoga studio. We seem to share a special connection when we take classes together that transcends just doing yoga."

-Sharon S.

"I had previously known about many of the mythic gods and goddesses of Indian lore through my own study, but I got to know these energies in an entirely new way when I took Step Into Your Greatness. Under Sara's skilled and watchful guidance, I was able to contact inside myself the energies expressed by these goddesses—qualities such as courage, beauty, abundance, and fierceness—and then literally hold these powerful energies in my body through various yoga poses. I wasn’t just learning about the goddesses, I was literally being the goddesses through the poses. I reconnected with parts of myself that I had forgotten, got to know parts of myself that I hadn't fully seen or acknowledged, and felt the fresh young shoots of possibility that called me from my future. What a powerful eight weeks."

-Annie B.

"Yoga Sanctuary is one of my favorite things about living in Northampton. I have found a community of teachers and fellow yogis here that has made this place feel like home. The level of instruction is superb. Each teacher, while unique in their teaching style, has a skilled understanding of alignment, with pose modification suggestions that make most classes accessible to many different levels. The classes are often structured with a "peak pose" in mind, so that by the time you reach the most complex pose, your body is ready to go there. This way of teaching has made my practice grow exponentially over the past four years. I am stronger, softer, and ready to take on the day. I have been practicing yoga for 10 years and have tried out many different styles, but what keeps me coming back to Yoga Sanctuary is the way the teachers so beautifully connect the asana practice to the essence of living one's life with integrity, sweetness, and authenticity. Since practicing at Yoga Sanctuary, yoga has become more than just a physical practice; it has become a life practice! Of course, if you are just looking for a physical practice, you can find that here too. The beautiful thing about yoga is that it meets you where you are. I highly recommend Yoga Sanctuary. I hope to meet you in a class someday soon!" 

-Lindsay P. 

-Judy K.