Align & Refine

Inspirational themes and clear alignment cues take you progressively deeper into alignment, form and expression. 

LEVEL 1: Gently paced. Great for Beginners 

LEVEL 1/2: Moderate pace. Intermediate & Advanced Beginner


Align & Flow 

Alignment based flow infused with inspiring philosophy and creative sequencing. 

LEVEL 1/2: Moderate pace. Intermediate & Advanced Beginner


Intro to Yoga

If you've never practiced yoga before, start here! Learn the foundations of the practice at a slow and gentle pace to experience greater alignment and well-being. 


Restorative Yoga 

Mindful postures, stretching, and restorative poses to develop flexibility, strength, and balance. Perfect for those who want to unwind or have physical concerns or injuries. Restorative yoga poses are held longer and use props for support and to encourage relaxation.



A mindful core and alignment based flow, moving at a slower pace to strengthen the body, focus the mind and find balance. 

LEVEL 1: Gently paced. Great for Beginners

LEVEL 1/2: Moderate pace. Intermediate & Advanced Beginners



A continuous flow of stronger postures to increase flexibility, strength, and stamina. 

LEVEL 1/2: Moderate pace. Intermediate & Advanced Beginner

LEVEL 2: Strong pace. Advanced and ready for handstands and full backbends unassisted or at a wall. 

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Prenatal Yoga Series

Designed to nurture women throughout the course of their pregnancy. We will use yoga postures and philosophy to safely address the unique demands of pregnancy and childbirth on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. 

Mondays 5:30 - 7pm,  $125 for 8 weeks; $20 for drop-in (as space allows)

Upcoming Series: September 11 - October 30


Private lessons

Perhaps you'd like to try yoga for the first time in an individual class, or you might have a specific issue you want to address. Either way, a private lesson is the perfect way to meet your own personal needs. You can come once for a tune-up or a home practice sequence, check in every few weeks or months, or sign up for ongoing private sessions. 

Give yourself the gift of your teacher's undivided attention, and receive the support you need to align your body and experience the changes, growth and transformation you are looking for. 

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