Align & Refine Level 1 and Level 1/2


Attune to your breath and heart while learning to fine-tune your physical body through healthy, safe and empowering alignment principles. Creative sequencing and inspiring philosophy support a balance of inner attunement and outer alignment as we learn, play, and express ourselves through all classes of poses.

Level 1: Beginners & those wanting a moderately paced class will learn healthy alignment principles, simple pranayama (breathing techniques) and tantric philosophy.

Level 1/2: Prepares for more challenging poses including inversions, backbends and arm balances while balancing eort and ease in each class.


ALign & Flow Level 2 Practice 

Level 2: Teacher guides and practices with the students in this playful class. In-depth alignment, advanced variations and creative sequencing. For those ready to practice handstand and full backbends unassisted or at the wall.






Embodyoga® Level 1, Level 1/2 and Mixed Levels 

Embodyoga® was developed by Patty Townsend as a whole body-mind apporoach to yoga. It blends the teachings of Hatha and Tantric yoga with modern and revolutionary inquiries into human anatomy. We use our yoga practice and embodied anatomy to experience more of who we are.





intro to yoga

Provides a nurturing environment for those new to yoga to learn the foundations of the practice at a slow and gentle pace. A variety of poses and basic breathing techniques will support you to open and experience greater balance and alignment.






resorative and Gentle 

Restorative combines gentle postures, stretching, restorative poses and relaxation. The restorative poses are held longer and use props to encourage relaxation. Perfect for those who want to unwind or have physical concerns or injuries.



A mindful core and alignment based vinyasa which weaves creative sequences, emobodiment practices, and restorative poses while moving with the breath to create a meditation in motion. Flowing a little more slowly, we play with a variety of yoga poses and supportive techniques to safely strengthen the body, focus the mind, and balance.


Strong Flow 

A dynamic athletic yoga practice that synchronizes breath with a continuous ow of postures. Fluid movements increase exibility, strength, and stamina, help to calm the mind and improve overall health. Variations are always offered to meet the needs of every student.