Step into Your Greatness:Why Your STORY MATTERS


Once upon a time, there was a great Sage named Vyasa who decided to write down the history of the world. Ganesha (the elephant-headed god- that’s another story)- agreed to be his scribe. However in the middle of writing down the greatest epic in the history of mankind  (The Mahabharata is eight times as long as Homer's Iliad and Odyssey together), his pen understandably ran out of ink. Being resourceful, Ganesha broke his own tusk and used it as a writing implement to finish the story. Right away we have three of the greatest lessons that yoga teaches us.

First:  We are all wounded at some point. Ganesha was wounded by his father (and restored/transformed by his uncles) and so has the head of an elephant. He becomes more than he was, but he is also never the same again. So too do we each need to honor our wounds and the ways that we live with them.

Second: While we all will be we wounded by life and by others at times, we may choose to empower ourselves to become something greater -for ourselves and for the world-  despite those wounds. Ganesha takes a part of himself- his tusk- to write our story- the story of the world. This is the practice of yoga, and it isn’t only blissful, it’s also difficult. Breaking his own tusk may seem to be a self-wounding act. Perhaps though it is also a vision of how much access we have to more of ourselves. From ourselves, we make more of ourselves, for us and for the world. This brings us to the greatest gift of yoga.

Three: What you most need, has always been inside of you.

We all have the innate capacity to know ourselves and so to tell those first stories; who we are, how we’ve been both wounded and imprinted by all of our experiences, and who we have become as a result. Yoga teaches us that we can also transform our story and our self. As we come to know ourselves with compassion and understanding, and to listen to our deeper intuition and inner guidance, we learn that we do not have to live the stories the world hands to us. We do not have to be limited and defined by our wounds or the lenses that the world might have taught us to see ourselves through. Through courageous self-awareness and healing, we can connect to our innate potential and step into our greatness. We can re-write our story, in our bodies and in our lives. This is the gift, the challenge and the promise of yoga.

The physical practice of yoga allows us to connect to our bodies, where our stories live, where our truth lives. In many ways, writing is a lot like yoga, and so it is a beautiful complement to our yoga practice.

Writing is first and foremost a conversation with our self. It is a way to sit with our truth, and provides- sometimes for the first time- a way to unearth how we really feel as we give voice to what truly lives in our unconscious.

I designed my newest program, “Step Into Your Greatness”, in order to deepen our experience of yoga by integrating writing and the (optional) sharing of our stories (alongside a beautifully guided yoga practice where story, breath and alignment interweave into one fluid experience.)

Last fall, in this program’s first series, 15 women gathered each week to breathe, move, be empowered, and enjoy themselves through a flowing, mixed level yoga class. Meditation was followed by handouts with descriptions of the god or goddess who was our guide for the week. Contemplations sheets listed questions that bridged a universal story (of the god or goddess) to each person’s personal story.

We ended in a circle, with the option to listen only to others or to also share any part of your writing, your insights or your questions. This was one of the most profound circles I have facilitated in all my many years of teaching yoga. There were incredible insights shared, authentic truths offered, and compassionate support offered.  I am so very excited to offer this program again! We need these circles now- everyone does, and I believe women especially. It is time to be fully embodied, to know ourselves, to reveal our courage and share our voices with the world.

Once upon a time, you may have lived through something that got lodged in your body, that has limited your ideas of who you are and what you are capable of being in the world. Today, you have the power to step into your greatness. Break your tusk and start writing! This safe, sacred circle is a powerful place to begin- or really to continue- your journey. I hope you may join me- I am so excited to begin!

--Sara Rose Page


Please note:

-Series limited to 15 participants

-We are delaying the start of this SIYG series.

New dates: 8 weeks on Wednesdays, March 14 - May 9 from 6-8pm

$ 315 ($280 for YS members) for 8 weeks

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