Sara Rose & Yoga Sanctuary featured in The Boston Voyager

One of the great victories of 2017 and very close to my heart, is the power of the #metoo movement. We are in the midst of a sea change where women's stories of harrassment and assault are finally being believed and serious consequences to the perpetrators are piling up. Yet this movement began with African-American women who pioneered the fight against sexual harassment, engaging in landmark legal battles as early as 1975 (Anita Hill endured humiliation while bringing sexual harassment to light in 1991. In 2007, Tarana Burke, a black activist, started the first "Me Too" campaign against sexual assault. ) Too often, these women were not and are still not heard. We have a long way to go yet I celebrate the new wave of support for women's rights and I'm all in for keeping it going and growing!

 I am honored to share that I was interviewed for the Boston Voyager, (, a wonderful website that shares "Boston's Most Inspiring Stories",  featuring "incredible people that bring so much heart, soul and creativity to our cities. From artists and creatives to mom-and-pops and rising entrepreneurs, our stories help foster a stronger, more collaborative and connected community"

Here it is if you'd like to give it a read! I'm proud to have Yoga Sanctuary featured on Boston Voyager. I also share more of my story of how and why I came to create Yoga Sanctuary than I have shared publicly before. My story and countless others like mine are still mostly hiding in the shadows and not yet enfolded in the #metoo movement because abuse of children by their own families is the last thing we want to look at as a society. Talk about dark shadows. Yet, breaking the generational cycle of abuse and choosing to heal is something that my yoga path helped me to do by giving me a way to access my inner strength. And that commitment to healing was also a tremendous influence in my choice to be a yoga teacher in the world. I hope that my story, the little bit that I've shared, might help others have hope that they too can make it out of that darkness and create a life filled with love. Thank you to Boston Voyager for sharing my story, and to anyone who reads it or shares it!

Love and Blessings for a peaceful upcoming winter solstice!

Sara Rose

Yoga Sanctuary