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Yoga Sanctuary's Teacher Training is a journey of self-discovery.

To become an effective yoga teacher, we must start with ourselves and our own practice. This Teacher Training with Sara Rose Page and Guest Teachers Lisa Leizman and Ellie Cook offers a journey into the heart of your own authentic self. The powerful practices of yoga and the gateways of mythic archetypes invite you to step more fully into the heart of your courage, the clarity of your mind, the strength of your will, and the healing capacity of your body and being.


Yoga Sanctuary's Teacher Training empowers you to trust your voice.

Beyond the essential techniques of language instruction, alignment, and sequencing, this training will teach you to reach inside to hear, refine, and speak from your authentic voice. Knowing your own story - what challenges and inspires you - helps you support and inspire others.


Yoga Sanctuary's Teacher Training supports you to offer your gifts to the world around you.

At Yoga Sanctuary we feel that it is a privilege to touch the lives of others. We support you to become a Yoga Teacher who is a presence of compassion and healing, inspiration and joy, by focusing on your unique talents and passions to become the teacher that only you can be.



  • Asana, basic pranayama, and meditation form the foundation of each weekend

  • One additional weekly class at Yoga Sanctuary is required (discounts on membership offered to Trainees - alternative suggestions offered for out of town students)


  • Written and reading homework required each month (it’s fun and empowering!)

  • 15 hours of Online Anatomy Webinar with Martin Kirk - a $200 value - included in this training with lifetime access!


  • Learn to design effective sequences and full classes

  • Design and teach a 6-8 week beginner yoga course which you will teach outside of the training


  • Teaching exercises are regular parts of the training. You will learn to instruct flowing sequences and alignment-based yoga clearly and succinctly, with language skills that inspire your students to express themselves from the inside out. 

  • You will co-teach a yoga class with your fellow teacher trainees (during the last month) - one of the most fun ways to empower your new teaching voice, with the support of fellow trainees!


Each Module in your teacher training encompasses one month of practice and study.

The overarching theme will infuse and support each lesson.

Monthly lessons include:

Asana & pranayama practice

Practice teaching exercises including observation

Embodied anatomy lessons


Teaching lessons (sequencing, theming, ethics, & more)



Intention & Foundations

Ganesha welcomes us across the threshold into this auspicious new beginning. We form intentions which become our foundation; our foundation supports our growth.

Monthly Lessons:

Philosophy Foundation: Who is Ganesha? Who Am I?

Asana Foundation: Practice, observe and teach optimal foundation. Standing poses

Anatomy Foundation: Feet and lower legs

Pranayama and Meditation Practice: Basic Yogic breathing & Ujjayi



Courage & Authenticity

Durga inspires us to find the courage to be our true self. We move deeper into our core to embody connection and strength.

Monthly Lessons:

Philosophy Foundation: Who is Durga? How do I face my shadow and activate my courage? Classical vs Tantric Yoga. Intro to Yoga Sutras.

Asana Foundation: Backbends, arm balances. Expanding breath, rooting to rise.

Anatomy Foundation: Shoulders and spine.

Pranayama and Meditation Practice: Review Basic Yogic breathing & Ujjayi



Play Your Edge & Practice With Love

Krishna invites us to be playful. He also teaches us to act in accordance with our dharma - to be true to our path in the world.

Monthly Lessons:

Philosophy Foundation: Who Is Krishna? Bhagavad Gita study (Krishna and Arjuna). What is dharma and the yoga of action?

Asana Foundation: Twists, hip openers and forward bends

Anatomy Foundation: Pelvis and Core

Pranayama and Meditation Practice: Nadi Shodhana



Find Your Voice and Flow with Creativity

Saraswati draws out our inner muse, inspiring us to be creative and expressive, and to flow with our true nature.

Monthly Lessons:

Philosophy Foundation: Who Is Saraswati? Vac and the power of speech. Teaching with a theme. Creative Expression. Becoming fluent.

Asana Foundation: Inversions and Review

Anatomy Foundation: Pelvis and Core

Pranayama and Meditation Practice: Restoratives and Review. Study of Aum (OM).



Be Yourself & Serve with Love

Hanuman’s humility reminds us that when we offer our gifts in service of something greater than ourselves, we tap an inner power we may not know we had. He also reminds us that friendship helps us to be our best self.

Monthly Lessons:

Philosophy Foundation: Who Is Hanuman? The Three Leaps. Healing ourselves, serving others. Yoga as Play!

Asana Foundation: Forward bends, backbends and arm balances

Anatomy Foundation: Energy Body and the Chakras

Pranayama and Meditation Practice: Breath of Fire (khapalabhati)



Refine Your Practice & Offer Beauty

Laksmi is your own inner radiance and the power of refinement and beauty in the universe. When we practice yoga, we can align with our own deepest beauty and that of the universe; yoga becomes an art form and we are all the artists.

Monthly Lessons:

Philosophy Foundation: Who Is Laksmi? Refinement and beauty. Radiance, wholeness.

Asana Foundation: A full spectrum of beauty!

Anatomy Foundation: Review

Pranayama and Meditation Practice: The Temple Within

Teaching: Completion of series and student-taught classes

Final celebration and graduation!

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Our Grads Say:

“The YS Yoga Teacher Training Program creates this amazing well-rounded sphere that contains the foundation of not only building a strong asana practice but also philosophy and what yoga truly means to you as person, a yogi, and someone who is embarking on becoming a teacher. When Sara tells you at the beginning of training it is a life-changing experience, it truly is. And during this transformation you are supported in a very safe and loving atmosphere from everyone. From monkeying around, learning about Hanuman and the other stories that yoga philosophy is richly steeped in, to learning how to adeptly spot misalignment in your students, the teacher training program sets you up to become as great a teacher as you allow yourself to grow because the learning doesn’t stop when the program is over. Sara and Lisa give you so much knowledge for you to explore on your own, you pursue what is meaningful to you so that you may pass that great and beautiful knowledge on to everyone else that you meet.

Your eyes are truly opened to the greater, wider world.”

- Brittany A., YTT ‘17

- Georgia S., YTT ’18

- Andrea K., YTT ‘17

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SARA ROSE PAGE: lead teacher

Sara Rose is an Experienced 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT) and owner of Yoga Sanctuary since 1999. She has been honored to train hundreds of yogis to become yoga teachers, through the curriculum which she has developed and refined for well over a decade. And what a joy to continue to grow and offer this training with respected colleagues and YS teachers, Lisa Leizman and Ellie Cook!

Sara's background in yoga spans over 2 decades of learning and teaching, including 10 years as a certified Anusara yoga teacher where she learned therapeutic alignment principles and the art of teaching with a theme, core practices which she still uses today.  Sara offers clear and empowering alignment instruction infused with uplifting philosophical teachings that inspire us to live everyday with courage, curiosity, and compassion.  She has studied extensively with world-renowned philosophy expert Dr. Douglas Brooks in Rajanaka Tantra and the Esoteric Traditions of the Goddess. Sara came to yoga in her teenage years in search of healing and her passion for yoga has been a constant since then. It is Sara's intention to support every student to begin where they are, in body and heart, to find self-acceptance and discover their capacity for unique and authentic self-expression on and off the mat.


LISA LEIZMAN: supporting teacher 

Lisa has taught at Yoga Sanctuary for over 9 years. She has extensive experience teaching yoga, dance and philosophy and completed her Anusara Teacher Training with Sara Rose in 2008.

Early one spring morning, sitting on a park bench. Not really sure why or how I came to be there, sitting on a park bench, outside of the yoga studio. What I do know is that I want to go in there. But, what is yoga? What do people learn? What do they actually do in there?

Sitting on a park bench, early one spring morning. Maybe I could just go home.
Is yoga more than physical poses? What is that breathing stuff all about? Why am I afraid? Not really sure why or how I came to be there.
Sitting on this park bench, early in the morning. I could just go home. 

Why am I afraid?
What I do know is that I want to go in there.
Eventually, curiosity and desire get the better of me.
Get up.
Go in.

Now, fifteen years later, when I teach yoga, I return again and again to this first experience—the curiosity and fear, the desire and doubt and what took hold so vividly in my imagination. Here was a field of study that engaged all parts of being human: a warm and open invitation into a world of delightful and challenging physical possibilities that I had never explored, a rich philosophical tradition that was as
intellectually stimulating as it was complex and a place of creative expression and innovation within an evolving tradition. Here was a place to breathe. How or why you find yourself on the park bench can stay a mystery. On any day, yoga welcomes you just as you are.
Get up.
Go in. 


ELLIE COOK: supporting teacher

Practicing since the 1970s with her husband, Ellie has taught yoga since 2000. An editor and writer by trade, she heard the call of yoga ever more powerfully when she found the Tantric practice taught at Yoga Sanctuary. That call—how to live more authentically and beautifully through yoga—is what she seeks to offer her students. In her classes, inspiring stories and alignment cues will ignite all aspects of your yoga practice, no matter what level. Ellie taught at The Yoga Studio in Haydenville and still teaches at Northampton Athletic Club. She honors her many teachers, especially Sara Rose Page and others originally from the Anusara school who inspired her to achieve Anusara-inspired status (though she is no longer affiliated with the school). Ellie is a registered E-RYT (1,000 hours plus) with Yoga Alliance. From her practice, family, community, and walking in the world, Ellie derives great joy and inspiration. The road goes ever on.